Sprinkler System Design

When we started we didn’t realize that sprinkler systems were actually designed with hydraulic principles and lots of math. Every piece is calculated to provide the exact amount of water on each area.

Water pressure

Sprinkler system design revolves around how much water pressure you have available to pressurize the system. There needs to be enough pressure for each head to spray at the designed distance to cover head to head coverage. If the heads don’t pop up you might have a break it the line or the pipe is undersized.

Pipe Size

In order to have enough volume of water, the pipe needs to be sized according to the distance of the longest runs

Type of sprinkler pipe

Yes, it is a special pvc pipe that is rated for sprinklers. Usually Class 200 PVC, it is a thicker wall pipe.

What is a back flow preventor?

This keeps the sprinkler water from backing up into your drinking water.

How long should my sprinkler system run?

It should only run long enough to soak into the grass. If is running down the driveway and sidewalks, cut back the time. Every soil is different and can absorb at different rates

Best time to water the grass

Early in the morning hours. Watering late in the evening leaves it wet too long and fungus can grow

How many heads per zone?

Each head has a predetermined amount of water that can leave the head, add all those heads up without exceeding the amount of available flow.

How far apart are the heads supposed to be?

Head to head coverage without hitting the hardscape (driveways, sidewalks, street)

How deep should the water lines be?

If you live in south east Texas, typically a minimum depth of 8 inches so it is below the frost line

How much does a sprinkler system cost?

There are a lot of variables to determine price. We calculate each design according to head to head coverage and size the piping and nozzles accordingly. Efficient water usage is extremely important to us because it will save on your water bill.

A zone is broken

If a zone doesn’t work, it might be because a wire has corrosion or a diaphragm has split and no longer seals, leaking water around the valve. A controller can also malfunction and stop sending the signal to turn off or on.

Mixing flower beds and other sprinklers

Unfortunately you can’t mix and match heads. Rotors go together, spray heads go together, drip lines go together. Each one has to be on their own zone to run efficiently.

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