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St Augustine grass

We have lots of options to help your grass be the best yard in the neighborhood. Weed killer or fertilizer can do wonders for a lawn if done the right way.

If you need help figuring out what your grass needs to be it’s best, contact us to see if we can help.

We offer a wide range of both granular and liquid fertilizer products to keep your lawn and plants green and healthy.

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Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix (HGHx)


7-9-5 Granular Fertilizer infused with Holganix – 50 lb. Bag
Holganix 7-9-5 Granular with Healthy Grow is a great starter fertilizer to stimulate plant growth and seed germination for turf.

Beneficial bacteria, fungi, and other ingredients of Holganix liquid is infused into Healthy Grow granules, an aerobically composted chicken manure (ACCM).

Holganix produces an efficient uptake of nutrients, so it works as well as other granules with twice the inputs. For example, the 7-9-5 will show results consistent with a traditional 14-18-10 product.

Low odor and no ammonia smell
Healthier plants and improved disease and pest resistance
High levels of indigenous beneficial bacteria and fungi in each bag
High in calcium and carbon
Production process heat kills weed seeds and harmful pathogens
Mid-sized pellets: 180 SGN

25-0-5 Weed & Feed Atrazine Fertilizer

bcf 25 0 5 atrazine fertilizer 3 Genesis 7

BCF 25-0-5 premium turf fertilizer with 1.15% Atrazine is designed for use on St. Augustine and Centipede lawns. This fertilizer includes Atrazine herbicide to control broadleaf and grassy weeds in established turfgrass. BCF 25-0-5 includes 7.5% slowly available urea nitrogen from poly-sulfur coated urea.

This product controls a wide range of lawn weeds, including crabgrass, paspalums, Florida pusley, lippia, pigweed, spotted spurge and as many as 44 other broadleaf and/or grassy weeds listed on the label. In addition, a 25-0-5 fertilizer provides a supply of plant food.Suggested application:    Best to apply before weeds sprout to perform as a preemergent herbicide.

Apply to dry turf and irrigate immediately after.    Apply only on St. Augustine and Centipede lawns after it has been mowed at least once.
50 lb. bag